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Fixed Loading Ramp
SJDQ Fixed ramp

SJDQ series fixed loading ramp comes with Italian imported hydraulic system, widely applied to postal services, grain, stations, marine transportation and other industries. It mainly serves to load and unload by building a bridge between the loading platform and the transport vehicle, and then making forklift conveniently travel.

In order to meet distinct needs of customers, special design has been adopted for our fixed loading ramp in such aspects as appearance, size, load bearing and more. With manual hydraulic mechanism, our product can still work during power cut or maintenance. Also, it can automatically adjust its height according to different models and the carriage changes on loading process.

Technical Parameter

Model Load (T) Power (kw) Frame height (mm) Goods table height (mm) Operating height (mm) Table
size (m)
Overall weight (kg) Overall stroke (mm)
Max. height (mm) Min. height (mm)
6 0.75 500 1200 1500 950 1.75*
700 550
8 0.75 500 1200 1500 950 1.75*
850 550
10 0.75 500 1200 1500 950 1.75*
1000 550
12 0.75 500 1200 1500 950 1.75*
1150 550
6 0.75 500 1200 1500 900 1.75*
900 600

As an experienced fixed loading ramp manufacturer in China, Huabei Elevating Platform offers a comprehensive range of products that includes mobile loading ramp, tow behind hydraulic elevating platform, track type lifter and more.

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