Single Ladder Stop Type Hydraulic Lift Platform

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Single Ladder Stop Type Hydraulic Lift Platform
SJPT-A single-ladder stop type

SJPT-A series single ladder stop type hydraulic lift platform is the most common but also the most practical product in our daily life, which makes working in the air no longer a trouble for operators.

Technical Parameter

Model Max height m Overall Size(m) Load capability Overall weight Wind capability
SJPT-6A 6 1.2*0.85*1.8 200 480 5
SJPT-8A 8 1.166*0.92*2.05 200 480 5
SJPT-10A 10 1.16*0.92*2.14 200 408 5
SJPT-12A 12 1.36*1.15*2.33 200 480 5
SJPT-14A 14 1.40*1.23*2.30 200 480 5
SJPT-15A 15 1.40*1.23*2.40 200 480 5

Huabei Elevating Platform is a specialized single ladder stop type hydraulic lift platform manufacturer and supplier based in China. Our company also provides tilting hydraulic elevator platform, multidirectional lifting work platform, fixed loading ramp, and more.

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