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Tilting Hydraulic Elevator Platform
SJPT tilting hydraulic elevator

SJPT series tilting hydraulic elevator platform is an ideal product applied in large exhibition centers and tall buildings. Its operating height is over 20 meters and its maximum elevator height can reach up to 35 meters. Besides, it adopts imported wireless remote operation. When the fuel tank is dumped, our product can not only freely enter the gate but also be convenient to place and maintain.

Technical Parameter

Model Platform Max Height (m) Overall
Rising Speed (m/s) Wind Capa-
Platform size (mm) Motor Power (kw) Voltage (v) Weight (kg)
SJPT-20 20 2.80×1.45
150 0.04 5 0.8×0.8 1.5 220 2350
SJPT-22 22 2.90×1.45
150 0.04 5 0.8×0.8 1.5 220 2500
SJPT-24 24 3.00×1.50
150 0.035 4 0.8×0.8 1.5 220 2650
SJPT-26 26 3.10×1.50
150 0.03 4 0.8×0.8 1.1×2 220 2800
SJPT-28 28 3.20×1.60
120 0.03 4 0.8×0.8 1.1×2 220 3000
SJPT-30 30 3.20×1.60
120 0.03 4 0.8×0.8 1.1×2 220 3200

Huabei Elevating Platform is a professional tilting hydraulic elevator platform manufacturer based in China. The wide range of products we offer includes roll changer for steelworks rolling mill, vehicle maintenance lifting platform, fully automatic lifting work platform, and more.

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