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Multidirectional Lifting Work Platform
multidirectional lifting work platform

Multidirectional lifting work platform features security and reliability, easy operation, low noise and other performance. During coating process, it is free to carry out longitudinal traverse, horizontal scalability and oscillation. All console switches have been set on the mobile platform for convenient operation.

There are three directions of movement in our multidirectional lifting work platform. One direction is the longitudinal movement along the ground track. Another is the oscillation movement along the double columns. The other direction is the horizontal scalability movement perpendicular to the column. Thus, this multidirectional lifting work platform achieves the demand for three dimensional movements.

The safety protection device, set by this multidirectional lifting work platform, includes crash protection device, limit protection device for oscillation, rail protection and electrical interlock protection, etc. It can ensure the safety of operators before the accident occurs.

In addition, multidirectional lifting work platform can be extensively applicable to automobile manufacturing, machinery processing, military enterprises, railway rolling stock, scientific research institutions, technical schools, furniture industry, automobile 4s shops and other industries.

Use Method
1. Before delivery, this multidirectional lifting work platform has been tested and debugged. All technical indexes have reached the design requirement. What you should do is only to connect the power supply in use.
2. Before use, you must carefully check the platform's electrical system to ensure no bare phenomenon.
3. After empty running for one to three times, the load operation is allowed.
4. The loading's center of gravity should try to be placed in the center position of the platform.
5. Before the operation, the protective barrier gate should be locked.
6. Our platform is equipped with such operating buttons as up, down, forward, backward, stretching out and turning back. What you should do is only to choose the corresponding operating buttons in use.

1. The platform must be operated by designated personnel.
2. When using it, you should keep the working table horizontality.
3. Nobody is allowed to be under the platform when it is in the raised state or still at a high level.
4. When the platform is lifting, all staffs are prohibited to climb.
5. If the platform appears comparatively large breakdown, you should inform the manufacturer to maintain.
6. Overloaded operations are not allowed during use. Furthermore, the persons and articles should be safely placed on the platform and stay still while in motion.
7. When the platform appears breakdown, you should cut down the power for maintenance in time.
8. After one week in use of our platform, you had better check all transmission lubrication. Also, butter needs to be added once a week if the use is frequent.

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