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Revolving Stage

Revolving stage features compact structure, adaptability to various working conditions, simple use, high transmission precision, safe and stable noiseless operation, free maintenance and convenient assembly and disassembly. It is particularly suitable for high frequency continuous movement, and patrol exhibition in domestic and foreign automobile expositions.

Revolving stage adopts the means of cycloidal pin wheel driving friction wheel to rotate. Its rotation driving device, which is the most popular currently, can be divided into four types, including friction wheel drive, steel wire strong traction drive, rotor drive and gear drive. Friction wheel drive, as one of the common revolving stages, works by the operation of rotary actuator leading the operation of friction wheel, and the work of friction wheel leading the rotation of platform surface. This way features low noise. Besides, the rotary center, no matter disc type or cylinder type, can not bear the weight. Generally its weight is distributed around the wheels, and the wheels are placed on the rotating structure or the slide which supports the ground.

As a China-based revolving stage manufacturer, we also offer mobile elevating work platform, hydraulic elevating platform for parking lot, tilting hydraulic elevator platform, aluminum alloy hydraulic aerial work platform, and much more.

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