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Vehicle Maintenance Lifting Platform

Vehicle maintenance lifting platform is mainly used for disassembling the main transformer, relay, etc. As electric self walking lifting platform, our product is equipped with intelligent quick charger, which can provide the functions of up and down, left and right movement, moving back and forth, table rotation, forward and backward, turning left or right, etc.

Our vehicle maintenance lifting platform is characterized by small volume, low height, large carrying capacity, easy to hold up the relay of 5 tons, simple to install, disassemble, transport and remove and so on. It improves the initial disadvantage of artificial moving and no lifting space, which not only liberates the labor force but also significantly raises the work efficiency. Thus, our product is an ideal product for vehicle installation and maintenance.

Main Technical Parameter

Dimensions of lifting platform, L*W*H, mm 2060×1400×600
Dimensions of work surface, mm 1800×1400
Rated Capacity, kg 5000
Weight of the whole machine, T 1.6
Power of walking and elevating electric machinery DC24V 3KW
Type of storage battery 130AH×10
Walking speed of lifting platform, km/h ≤5
Walking mileage, km ≤15
Power source of hydraulic pump station electric machinery DC24V
Lifting height of lifting platform, m ≤0.6
Hydraulic cylinder Φ140×2
Rated pressure, MPa ≤16
Transmission speed ratio 15:1

Direction for Use
Before the first use, the operator should learn more about the composition and components of our equipment. After understanding the use method of fully automatic hydraulic lifting work platform, you can operate it in prevention of unnecessary damage.

1. Firstly, you should open the power switch. When the battery power display is below the red danger logo, or less than 40 percent, the battery charging should be done in time. There is no need to change stalls on charge process. The charger is equipped with the function of automatic power off protection in prevention of excessive charging. After the charging is finished, you should turn power off and unplug the charger plug.

2. Next, you can operate such functions as walking, lifting and so on. Our equipment comes with advanced imported remoter. Other functions include forward, backward, turning left or right, up and down, moving back and forth, moving left or right, table rotation and so on.

3. The third step is to install our equipment. The equipment should be placed to the central position of platform surface. By pressing the button for walking, you can make the lifting platform walk. Also, you can press both the walking button and turning button at the same time to turn the direction. Equipped with rectangular wood, our product can avoid getting stuck by placing this wood into the tank. During each stop, our product can provide brakes and automatic locking function, which increases its stability and accuracy. In order to more accurately align more screw rods, we add the rotary mechanism on the top layer which features large carrying capacity and flexible rotation.

4. Specialists must be sent to operate, repair and maintain our lifting platform.

Notes of Platform Maintenance
1. After each operation, battery charging is a must.

2. If the platform has not been used for a long time, the battery should be charged once a month.

3. The charging environment must keep dry and well ventilated. Besides, fire source, sparks and strong heat radiation source around are not allowed.

4. It is necessary to monthly check the electrolyte and distilled water in storage battery. If the battery part is not covered by the electrolyte, or the electrolyte is below the electrolyte level line of storage battery, you should add electrolyte and adequate distilled water.

5. During charge process, adding water is prohibited to prevent the electrolyte from spraying on or hurting someone.

6. Storage battery surface should remain clean and dry, because dirty or overflowing electrolyte may absorb water from air to make storage battery gradually increase leakage loss and reduce the capacity and lifespan of storage battery. The exceeded electrolyte on battery surface can be neutralized by weak alkaline solution and then be washed by water. After that, it should be wiped by clean cotton cloth.

7. The hydraulic oil in fuel tank must be checked quarterly. It is necessary to in time deal with the circumstances of oil shortage, dirty oil and so on. In addition, you should use No.32 hydraulic oil in summer and No.46 wear resistant hydraulic oil in winter.

8. After a period of time, if the battery charge quantity is insufficient, excluding other factors like electrolyte and good line, you should consider to replace the storage battery. The storage battery type should accord with the electricity parameter.

9. The driving motor is maintenance free motor, but preservation is still necessary after a period of time so as to keep good lubrication.

10. You should check the connector lugs, binding posts and wire cables once every six months, and timely handle such situations as rust and poor contact, etc. Moreover, the technical requirement for changing wire cable and other electrical appliances is not supposed to be below the technical demand for initial wire cable.

Huabei Elevating Platform is a professional vehicle maintenance lifting platform manufacturer, based in China. We offer a broad range of products, including mobile loading ramp, walking and collapsible aerial work platform, revolving stage and more.

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