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  • Single Mast Aluminum Alloy Aerial Work PlatformHJPT series single mast aluminum alloy aerial work platform is an indoor facility, widely applied to star hotels, supermarkets and other industries for work high above the ground in halls and workshops. It possesses the balanced elevation, convenient to operate, the ability to enter the ordinary hall, free to enter the elevator, small electricity consumption, no pollution, no damage to ground and no dead ends at work, used for wall work.
  • Double Mast Aluminum Alloy Aerial Work PlatformHHJPT series double mast aluminum alloy aerial work platform, composed of high strength and quality aluminum materials, is characterized by beautiful design, up and down balance system, convenient operation, free to enter hall and elevator, low electricity consumption, no pollution, reliability, no damage to ground at work, etc.
  • Four Mast Aluminum Alloy Aerial Work PlatformFour mast aluminum alloy aerial work platform is refined by high strength materials. It features lightsome appearance, excellent stability, flexible operation, big load, large area of platform, convenient to pull. Also, it can bring into play the highest lifting capacity in the extremely tiny space. Besides, this elevating work platform is characterized by overly small deflection and swing.

Huabei Elevating Platform is a professional aluminum alloy hydraulic aerial work platform manufacturer, based in China. Our wide range of products includes vehicle mounted elevating platform, revolving stage, blast furnace air duct maintenance lift truck, and more.

Other Products
  • Fixed Aerial Work Platform Besides, our fixed aerial work platform has such advantages as smooth elevation, elegant appearance, steady structure, low failure rate, reliable operation, safe and highly efficient performance, plus easy to maintain, large output and timely delivery. It can be mainly used for industrial and mining enterprises, production line in logistic industry and medical industry. In other industry, this work platform provides the functions of transporting goods ...
  • Fully Automatic Lifting Work PlatformFully automatic lifting work platform adopts maintenance free lifting arm sleeves, po wder coating, as well nickel plated bolt pin to increase the wear resistance of shaft pin and prolong the service life of lifting platform. Furthermore, its low noise allows the operators to work in a quiet working environment, and its steering system of large angle can provide outstanding maneuverability.
  • Mobile Elevating Work PlatformSJPT series Mobile elevating work platform is manual type with the elevating power of double phases or three phases. Its control way is divided into manual and electric power. Besides, it is equipped with hand pump for the power outage. Our mobile elevating work platform is flexible to move, steady elevation, convenient to operate and so on, mainly applicable to factory, mechanism, store, building, decoration, museum, conference center and other industry.