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Fixed Aerial Work Platform
SJPT Series Fixed Elevating Platform

SJPT series fixed aerial work platform adopts steel frame structure or high strength of steel plate structure, with the bearing capacity from 0.3 to 60 tons. The operation has three ways of control, including up and down control, individual ground control and multi layer control.

Besides, our fixed aerial work platform has such advantages as smooth elevation, elegant appearance, steady structure, low failure rate, reliable operation, safe and highly efficient performance, plus easy to maintain, large output and timely delivery. It can be mainly used for industrial and mining enterprises, production line in logistic industry and medical industry. In other industry, this work platform provides the functions of transporting goods as an elevator, lifting and loading products between basements and floors, elevating platforms and so on. Furthermore, we offer tailored product and equipment with optional specification or color to satisfy our customers.


Type Electric scissor lift platform
Lifting height 1-15m
Load capacity 0.5-60t
Power 220v,3-5kw

Price of each fixed aerial work platform is 1000 to 5000 dollars. The payment terms can be divided into T/T or L/C. We will deliver our product as soon as we receive your order and deposit. Our product has been approved by ISO9001:2008 and CE certification, which has also been insured for liabilities by PICC.

As a specialized fixed aerial work platform manufacturer in China, Huabei Elevating Platform also offers single ladder stop type hydraulic lift platform, fully automatic lifting work platform, tilting hydraulic elevator platform and more.

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  • Tow Behind Hydraulic Elevating PlatformSJPT-QY series tow behind hydraulic elevating platform is convenient and flexible, plus safe and reliable by adoption of external power as traction as well as electric motor or small diesel engine for motive power. It is mainly used in oil, electricity, post and telecommunications and other industries for field working at height.