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Vehicle Mounted Elevating Platform
SJPT Vehicle-mounted elevating platform

SJPT-SC series vehicle mounted elevating platform combines the characteristics of four wheel mobile and two wheel traction by employing automobile chassis as platform underframe. Besides, our product makes use of automobile engine as motive power, so it can not only travel but also drive the elevating platform, widely applied to urban construction, oil field, traffic, municipal construction and other industries.

Technical Parameter

Model Elevating height (m) Elevating Weight (kg) Operating table size L*W (mm) Supporting power (kw) Overall weight (kg)
SJPT-SC-6 6 300 1620*750 15.6 1600
SJPT-SC-8 8 300 1840*1100 15.6 1900
SJPT-SC-10 10 300 2120*1210 15.6 2300
SJPT-SC-12 12 300 2530*1530 15.6 2900

As a China-based vehicle mounted elevating platform manufacturer and supplier, our company offers a broad range of products that includes single ladder stop type hydraulic lift platform, fixed loading ramp, aloft work light, and more.

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