Walking and Collapsible Aerial Work Platform

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Walking and Collapsible Aerial Work Platform

Walking and collapsible aerial work platform is extensively applicable to stations, wharves, public buildings and other fields where requires for working at height. It is characterized by convenient to move, easy to operate, a large amount of work, excellent balanced performance and so on. Under the situation of rough road, our product can be sustained by either four legs or only one leg. Besides, this walking and collapsible aerial work platform has achieved the certificates of both ISO9001:2008 and CE.

Detailed Specification

Model Maximum operating height (m) Maximum operating radius(m) Rotating angle Maximum overall dimensions L*W*H Load (Kg) Overall weight (Kg) Elevating speed (m/s) Operating pressure (Mpa) Walking speed (Km/h) Wind resistance (level)
SQPT0.16-10 10 3.4 360° 3.70*1.92*2.50 160 1800 0.05-0.09 10 15-30 ≦5level
SQPT0.16-12 12 3.4 360° 3.40*1.95*2.95 160 1900 0.05-0.09 10 15-30 ≦5level
SQPT0.16-14 14 4.3 360° 4.90*2.10*3.10 160 2300 0.04-0.07 8 15-20 ≦5level

We are a professional walking and collapsible aerial work platform manufacturer in China. We also provide blast furnace tuyere maintenance lift truck, vehicle mounted elevating platform, vehicle maintenance lifting platform and more.

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