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Track Type Lifter

Track type lifter is non scissors of hydraulic elevating mechanical equipment, used for floor to floor product transportation in industrial premises with two or three floors, dining halls and restaurants. With its minimum height of 150 to 300mm, our product is especially suitable for workplaces where excavation is not allowed. Furthermore, various forms of our product are available, including single column, double columns and four columns.

Without upper part of hanging points, this track type lifter features smooth running, secure and reliable operation, convenient transportation, firm structure, large bearing capacity, stable elevation, as well as easy to install and maintain, which is an economical, practical and ideal product transportation equipment between low floors in replace of elevators.

According to the track type lifter's installation environment and requirement, adopting different optional configuration can achieve better application effect. In addition, we make use of external power as traction, and electric motor or small diesel engine for motive power, in order to start our hydraulic elevation. Our track type lifter is mainly applied to chemicals, high temperature, high pressure, electric power plants, nuclear industrial base, explosive and other explosion proof enterprises. Also, it can be used in petroleum, electricity, post and telecommunications and other industries for field working at height.

Huabei Elevating Platform is a China-based track type lifter manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as walking and collapsible aerial work platform, revolving stage and hydraulic elevating platform for parking lot.

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  • Fixed Loading RampIn order to meet distinct needs of customers, special design has been adopted for our fixed loading ramp in such aspects as appearance, size, load bearing and more. With manual hydraulic mechanism, our product can still work during power cut or maintenance. Also, it can automatically adjust its height according to different models and the carriage changes on loading process.