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Jinan Huabei Elevating Platform Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is an ISO9001:2008 certified manufacturer of hydraulic elevating work platform. Our company is located in Jinan City, within the Jiyang County elevating work platform industrial park near national highway 220. We produce mobile elevating work platform, self propelled hydraulic elevating work platform, aluminum alloy hydraulic aerial work platform, mobile aerial work platform, aloft work light, vehicle mounted elevating platform and more.

Our company utilizes advanced production equipment operated with solid technical expertise for effective production procedures controlled by precision quality assurance methods. Among the most sophisticated aerial equipments in the world today, the SJPT series hydraulic elevating work platform and HJPT series aluminum alloy aerial work platform both adopt Italian and German hydraulic pump station systems. Strictly adhering to the national standard, these products have been closely examined by special QA equipment. Our machinery can be extensively used for warehousing, aviation, airports, railway stations, ports, gas stations, stadiums, museums, galleries, plant maintenance, equipment inspection, logistics management, industrial installation and other diverse purposes.

We have achieved eleven invention patents and utility models approved by the State Patent Office. For instance, our most prominent model the Tianti brand elevating work platform. It has received certifications such as the Manufacturing License of Special Equipment in the People's Republic of China, the People's Republic of China special equipment installation transformation maintenance license, and the CE Certification. In addition, it has been awarded the Jinan City famous trademark, Shandong Province Jinan City brand, Shandong Province famous trademark as well as the Shandong Province famous brand. The reliability insurances for all of our products are provided by PICC.

Huabei Elevating Platform is constantly working to create a healthy corporate image. We hold sessions to consistently improve staff quality so that our highly qualified employees may function effectively and build a first class brand. With our disciplined management model, we are able to provide sincere and efficient services for both domestic and overseas clients. Similarly, our marketing service network throughout the country has been established for the sole purpose of facilitating effective feed back to properly accommodate client demands. Our company provides a one year warrantee and lifetime maintenance services. After the one year period, we start to collect maintenance costs. We sincerely welcome clients to visit our company so that we may negotiate toward a mutually beneficial business partnership.

Main Products
  • Double Mast Aluminum Alloy Aerial Work PlatformHHJPT series double mast aluminum alloy aerial work platform, composed of high strength and quality aluminum materials, is characterized by beautiful design, up and down balance system, convenient operation, free to enter hall and elevator, low electricity consumption, no pollution, reliability, no damage to ground at work, etc.
    Our double mast aluminum alloy aerial work platform is widely applicable to supermarkets, star hotels and more for work high above the ground at indoor halls or workshops.
  • Fixed Aerial Work Platform Besides, our fixed aerial work platform has such advantages as smooth elevation, elegant appearance, steady structure, low failure rate, reliable operation, safe and highly efficient performance, plus easy to maintain, large output and timely delivery. It can be mainly used for industrial and mining enterprises, production line in logistic industry and medical industry. In other industry, this work platform provides the functions of transporting goods as an elevator, lifting and loading products between basements and floors, elevating platforms and so on.