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Tianti brand elevating work platform, produced by our company, has received numerous trademark certificates issued by the state, including Manufacturing License of Special Equipment in People's Republic of China for domestic maximum ton of elevating work platform, the People's Republic of China special equipment installation transformation maintenance license, ISO9001:2008 International Quality System Certification and CE Certification. Furthermore, we have achieved eleven invention patents and utility models approved by State Patent Office.

Huabei Elevating Platform is a specialized hydraulic elevating platform manufacturer in China. We provide a wide range of products, including mobile elevating work platform, fully automatic lifting work platform, fixed aerial work platform, vehicle mounted elevating platform, and more.

Main Products
  • Double Mast Aluminum Alloy Aerial Work PlatformHHJPT series double mast aluminum alloy aerial work platform, composed of high strength and quality aluminum materials, is characterized by beautiful design, up and down balance system, convenient operation, free to enter hall and elevator, low electricity consumption, no pollution, reliability, no damage to ground at work, etc.
    Our double mast aluminum alloy aerial work platform is widely applicable to supermarkets, star hotels and more for work high above the ground at indoor halls or workshops.
  • Self Propelled Hydraulic Elevating Work PlatformSJPT-ZX series self propelled hydraulic elevating work platform possesses the function of walking and elevation, controlling the walking direction with steeling wheel. Also, its walking speed can be adjusted, equipped with brakes. There are many ways to carry out walking and lifting, including battery operated DC motor, AC motor or diesel engine, as well as wireless electronic remote control. Without manual traction or external power supply, our self propelled hydraulic elevating work platform is ideal high altitude operation equipment safely ...