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Jinan Huabei Elevating Platform Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Add.: Jibei Industrial Development Zone, Jinan Municipality, Shandong Province, China
Tel: 400-116-7588(Toll Free National Hotline)
+86-531-84250033, +86-531-84251998(Sales Department)
+86-15153175798(After-Sales Service Department)

E-mail: xiaoshou@tianti.com.cn
Contact Person: Jack sun

Main Products
  • Vehicle Mounted Elevating PlatformSJPT-SC series vehicle mounted elevating platform combines the characteristics of four wheel mobile and two wheel traction by employing automobile chassis as platform underframe. Besides, our product makes use of automobile engine as motive power, so it can not only travel but also drive the elevating platform, widely applied to urban construction, oil field, traffic, municipal construction and other industries.
  • Fully Automatic Lifting Work PlatformFully automatic lifting work platform adopts maintenance free lifting arm sleeves, po wder coating, as well nickel plated bolt pin to increase the wear resistance of shaft pin and prolong the service life of lifting platform. Furthermore, its low noise allows the operators to work in a quiet working environment, and its steering system of large angle can provide outstanding maneuverability.
    The skid proof steel board on our fully automatic lifting work platform surface can be outstretched. Without any tool, its steel pipe fence possesses the capacity of self folding and strong bearing.