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As an experienced hydraulic elevating platform manufacturer in China, our company offers walking and collapsible aerial work platform, mobile elevating work platform, aluminum alloy hydraulic aerial work platform, and fixed loading ramp, among others.

Main Products
  • Mobile Elevating Work PlatformSJPT series mobile elevating work platform is manual type with the elevating power of double phases or three phases. Its control way is divided into manual and electric power. Besides, it is equipped with hand pump for the power outage. Our mobile elevating work platform is flexible to move, steady elevation, convenient to operate and so on, mainly applicable to factory, mechanism, store, building, decoration, museum, conference center and other industry.
  • Self Propelled Hydraulic Elevating Work PlatformSJPT-ZX series self propelled hydraulic elevating work platform possesses the function of walking and elevation, controlling the walking direction with steeling wheel. Also, its walking speed can be adjusted, equipped with brakes. There are many ways to carry out walking and lifting, including battery operated DC motor, AC motor or diesel engine, as well as wireless electronic remote control. Without manual traction or external power supply, our self propelled hydraulic elevating work platform is ideal high altitude operation equipment safely ...